Brisa chooses the Stratio Platform to monitor its Fleet

January 5, 2022

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Stratio Project with Brisa



Leading European toll road platform and the largest private transport infrastructure operator in Portugal, covering the main axis of the Portuguese road system with 7.5 million customers driving on the roads per year. Has more than 2000 employees and revenue close to 500M€ (2020).



Brisa selected Stratio to monitor its entire fleet due to the innovation of the system, which combines their needs in one single platform, allowing them to control, monitor and prevent problems with trucks and other vehicles, and implement an approach based on predictive maintenance.


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Luís Amaral Prazeres, Fleet Management Director at Brisa, shared his opinions about the Stratio Platform.



According to Luís Amaral Prazeres:

‘The main reason to choose Stratio was its innovative predictive fault system, which allows us to prevent and anticipate all sorts of failures that could occur during operation, along with the magnificent dashboard and reporting area, that is used to control the entire fleet at any time and from anywhere’.



The same person further states that:

‘The technology ensures we can have full visibility over our fleet with the most complete solution in the market, combining maintenance with operations to offer us the right set of tools to control key aspects of our business, such as the decision-making process to acquire new vehicles for our fleet’.



‘Innovative predictive fault system, which allows us to prevent and anticipate all sorts of failures’.



Stratio Platform

The Stratio Platform provides insights into the vehicle performance and its component’s health leveraging automation through machine learning (AI) models for predictive maintenance.

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