Maintenance for Truck

The world’s leading predictive maintenance solution

Eliminate unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs with the only solution in the market using Artificial Intelligence to predict faults in key components.

maintenance solutions for cargo transportation

Remote Diagnostics

Just like having the most advanced diagnostics equipment in each one of your vehicles operating 24/7.

Fleet Overview

Fleet overview

See the DTCs (fault codes) and customized alerts active in your vehicles as well as their severity 

Vehicle Overview

Vehicle overview

See each vehicle record containing key data, from mileage to fault codes and alerts

Diagnostics Trouble Codes

Diagnostics Trouble Codes

See each fault code description, including where it happened, similar past fault codes and steps for troubleshooting

Costumized Alerts

Customized alerts

Access the active alerts you configured with a graphic visualization of thresholds



Understand key maintenance metrics such as range of operating coolant temperatures

Sensor Readings

Sensor readings

See and compare sensor behaviour or monitor them in real-time

Real-time notifications

Real-time notifications

Receive SMS, email or web notifications of your alerts

Nuno Brites

Administrative and Financial Director | Transportes Machado & Brites

Transportes Machado & Brites logo

‘We have invested in STRATIO because it is a platform prepared for multi-brand fleets. This tool has proven to be relevant not only in reducing fleet costs, but also in continuous improvement and in training our drivers and their driving styles.’

Predictive Maintenance

Check the condition of vehicles´key components and replace them before it is too late.

Monitor wear and tear

Monitor wear and tear

Know the date or mileage of wear and tear components such as starter battery and brake pads

Avoid breakdowns

Avoid breakdowns

Receive a report every time there are early signs of malfunction in major components such as the turbo and the engine

Future proof

Future proof

AI fault detection models ready for hybrid and electric vehicles

Bruno Oliveira

CEO | Ford Trucks Portugal

‘Stratio’s product is the only solution on the market that allows the automation of maintenance processes and the remote management of operations on a single platform simultaneously, and this has a major impact on our customers’ daily lives.’

Automated Maintenance Plans

Vehicle mileage and operating times are now automatically recorded so that you can receive alerts when the next service is due. On top of that, your plans can also be automatically adjusted with faults detected by remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

Create plans

Create maintenance plans of recurrent tasks based on mileage or time

Control dates auto

Control dates automatically

You no longer need to check mileage or time, they are updated automatically for you

Adjust easily as you go

Add tasks to replace or repair components based on predictive maintenance alerts and reports

‘The transition we are making with Stratio is strategic. Once the step forward has been taken towards automation and the use of artificial intelligence, it does not seem possible to go back again.’

Jorge Nabais
Maintenance Director | Transportes Repolho & Rodrigues


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