Operations for Bus

Monitor your entire fleet to ensure journeys always run smoothly and passengers are transported safely and without delays.

Stratio's operation solution for buses

Smart Maps

Track and manage all of your vehicles in one place.

Locate vehicles and assets

See all your vehicles in real-time, as well as your drivers (enabled by available add-on)

See vehicle direction

See if the vehicle is already heading in the right direction to a specific bus stop

Find nearby vehicles

Click on any location and see which one of your vehicles is closest to it

Geofencing alerts

Get notifications when your vehicles enter and exit areas defined by you such as bus stops or workshops

Explore trips

Search and see in detail any trips made by your vehicles and at which exact time they were at any given location

‘The Stratio Platform allows us to anticipate several mechanical failures and is therefore a very important tool for managing all maintenance processes for vehicles in our fleet.’

Rui Barata
CEO |Transol


Fuel and Energy Consumption

Fuel consumption

On internal combustion vehicles, we calculate consumption, idle performance metrics and alerts (according to fleet settings)

EV energy consumption

In electric vehicles, we calculate the energy consumed and the energy regenerated

Hybrid consumption

 In hybrid vehicles, we calculate consumption and other relevant metrics 

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