Ecodriving for Bus

Implement the most advanced multi-brand ecodriving system on the market to train your drivers to spend as little fuel as possible on each route.

Stratio's ecodriving solution for buses

Drivers and Vehicle Scoring

Just like having a performance manager helping the drivers and operators to make the necessary adjustments so they can perform at their best

Scoring by driver

Implement a fair scoring system for your drivers to make your fleet safer and more cost-effective (made available by add-on for driver identification)

Scoring by vehicle

Get a clear visibility of fleet performance on any given operation profile regardless of driver’s identification

Ecodriving dashboard

Get all the information you need to manage your vehicles’ and drivers’ performance in one place

Metrics for Coaching Drivers

Supported by real data to help managers identify specific training needs

Vehicle fuel consumption

Get accurate readings and calculations for fuel consumption

Throttle pedal usage

Understand drivers’ performance to help you minimize wear and tear across your fleet

Idle time performance

Ensure that you control and improve your fleet fuel consumption and operational efficiency

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