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July 20, 2021

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Customer Success Story with ARRIVA CZ



ARRIVA is one of the largest transport companies in Europe, employing over 46,000 people in 14 European countries and carrying more than 2.1 billion passengers a year. Arriva entered the Czech bus transport market in 2006 and operates 2.200 buses.



Stratio began its collaboration with Arriva in the Czech Republic in 2020 centred on the bus transit operation in the Prague region.


ARRIVA's CZ Project Manager

Radovan Redina, the Manager of Stratio’s project with ARRIVA in the Czech Republic, shared his opinions about the results of working with the Stratio Platform. 



1- What was the initial goal with the implementation of the project with Stratio?

‘The initial goal was to verify the beneficial outcomes of failure prediction to mitigate unexpected failure occurrences to deliver the contracted service and switch failure fixing to planned predictive vehicle care.’


2- What benefits does Stratio bring to your team and your operation?

‘By using the Stratio Platform we are able to discover a possible failure before it occurs, plan our maintenance and use our fleet more effectively. Another benefit is the elaborate system of driver behaviour rating, which allows us to work on the efficiency of our drivers.’


3- In the current context, do you think it is feasible for a bus transit operator to manage its fleet without having a system like the Stratio Platform?

‘The management of a fleet is a demanding area and for a bus operator the Stratio solution is indispensable because it allows for the planning and scheduling of actions to create additional competitive advantages.’


‘By using the Stratio Platform we are able to discover a possible failure before it occurs.’

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