TST by Arriva chooses Stratio’s Predictive Fleet Maintenance

March 2, 2022

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TST by Arriva Group selects Stratio's predictive fleet maintenance platform to equip its fleet.


TST, a company of the Arriva Group – one of the largest public transport companies in the world – has selected Stratio to equip its fleet in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area with state-of-the-art predictive fleet maintenance technology:

  • The project is part of the recently created aggregator brand Carris Metropolitana, a bus service network in the Lisbon region serving 2.7 million passengers.
  • The contract for this TST project is valid for 7 years and includes the operation of 339 buses in the region´s municipalities of Almada, Seixal and Sesimbra.


The Stratio project with TST by Arriva

Stratio is part of the international consortium which will equip 339 buses included in TST’s project in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (LMA) for Carris Metropolitana. To be launched in July 2022, is widely considered one of the most ambitious and innovative projects in the public transport industry in Europe.

The consortium is made up of the world’s leading references in their respective fields and includes all the required technology to manage a modern bus service network. The investment is promoting groundbreaking technological integration at a European level, with the use of more modern, efficient, and sustainable buses equipped with state-of-the-art technology.


About the Predictive Fleet Maintenance Technology

Stratio will install its artificial intelligence-based predictive fleet maintenance technology in all vehicles in order to prevent breakdowns, reduce costs and eliminate downtime. This upgrade aims to minimise service disruption, and thus save millions of people the inconvenience of public transport delays.

This technological investment will have a major impact on the 200 Million journeys that public transport passengers make each year in this region of Portugal’s capital city.


The Impact on Public Transportation

The growing importance of public transportation in urban mobility within one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe has grown a lot in recent years, with about a third (28% – source LMA) opting for this means of travel, in a context where almost half (48% – source LMA) of people work in municipalities outside their residential area.

This ambitious project aims to contribute towards improving the quality of life for commuters in these densely populated urban areas of Lisbon through the use of technologies that will equip all the vehicles of the TST by Arriva fleet, making it possible to optimise the use of buses in a safe and comfortable way for all passengers.

Curious to learn more about how the Stratio Platform is supporting TST by Arriva modernising its fleet?

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