News: Stratio and Bledsystem Announce Partnership

April 25, 2023

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LISBON (PT), and GIJÓN (ES) – Stratio and Bledsystem, two leading providers of solutions for public transport operators, have partnered to offer an integrated ecosystem that will help transport companies reduce costs and downtime while increasing the efficiency and safety of their operations.

Making public transport more efficient

Stratio has been working with some of the world’s largest transport operators to eliminate vehicle breakdowns to make public transport more efficient, sustainable, and accessible to everyone.

Its proprietary AI algorithms analyse vehicle sensor data in real-time to provide operators with accurate predictions of when maintenance will be required. This results in significant cost savings, increased maintenance productivity, and improved vehicle reliability.

On the other hand, Bledsystem – the operations efficiency and safety solution for road public transport – has been implemented in thousands of buses from top-class operators helping them to reduce energy consumption while increasing safety and operations performance. The transport networks of iconic cities such as Casablanca, Seville, Milan and Malta, among others, are fully covered by Bledsystem.

The Stratio and Bledsystem partnership

The partnership between Bledsystem and Stratio brings together the best of both worlds, providing transport operators with an integrated ecosystem that combines maintenance and safety intelligence. Stratio’s proprietary data collection technology will enhance Bledsystem’s capabilities, offering operators the opportunity to fully leverage the data under the hood and turn it into actionable intelligence 

This will help them achieve their goals of providing passengers with a safe service they can trust, while also reducing costs and downtime. Likewise, Bledsystem’s platform will enhance Stratio’s offering to operators with actionable recommendations for improving efficiency and safety across the whole operations.

“Our partnership with Stratio is a significant step forward in our mission to provide public transport operators with sustainable and efficient transportation solutions,” said Fernando Aparicio,CCO at Bledsystem. “Bledsystem drives operations to the maximum efficiency. The partnership with Stratio’s predictive maintenance technology will empower transport operators to fully digitise maintenance and operations and create a single, integrated view of their ecosystem.”


“At Stratio, we believe that predictive maintenance technology is a key driver of efficiency and sustainability in the public transportation sector,” said João Valente, Global Partners Manager at Stratio. “By partnering with Bledsystem, we take yet another significant step towards establishing a connected ecosystem between the platforms relied upon by public transport operators. This partnership will enable transport operators to maximize the potential of the data under the hood, leading to improved operational efficiency and a more reliable service for passengers to trust.” he added.

About Stratio

The Stratio Platform enables zero downtime, saves costs, and allows transport operators to serve more people, better. By eliminating vehicle breakdowns, Stratio’s predictive maintenance technology makes transportation more efficient, sustainable, and accessible to everyone. 5 of the 10 largest transportation companies in the world rely on Stratio’s technology to fully leverage the data under the hood, improve operational efficiency, and offer a service that passengers can trust. Stratio’s technology has enabled transportation for 1.4 billion people so far. Learn more at

About Bledsystem

Bledsystem unlocks driving operations’ full potential, enabling operators to achieve the highest possible performance in terms of energy and safety. Bledsystem adapts to each operator’s actual and specific context and unique features, ensuring optimal performance in all situations. Bledsystem is currently implemented in many thousands of buses, having the largest market share of bus operators and world-class AVM integrators using driving behaviour-based services. It combines technology with training methods, offering always friendly and effective recommendations as well as a continuous first-class service support. Its recommendations improve the whole operation, focusing on: drivers and eco-driving, lines, vehicles, depots, middle managers and passengers. Learn more:

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