M-Brites equips its Fleet with the Stratio Platform

November 16, 2021

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The Stratio Project with Transportes Machado & Brites



The strategy of Transportes Machado & Brites (M-Brites) is based on its vision of being a benchmark operator in the controlled-temperature road goods transport market, with the aim of increasingly focusing on the food and pharmaceutical area in the national and international markets.



The adoption of new technologies is fundamental for the survival of companies in the cargo transport sector. M-Brites’ growing technological bet has been to install monitoring equipment in its fleet. Besides the software applications installed originally by manufacturers, the company has invested in Stratio because it is a platform prepared for multi-brand fleets.



Nuno Brites, Administrative and Financial Director at M-Brites

Nuno Brites, Administrative and Financial Director at M-Brites, shared with us his views about working with Stratio.



According to Nuno Brites:

‘The Stratio Platform helps and standardises information from the entire fleet, not only in the performance of our vehicles but also of the drivers. The Ecodriving solution has proven to be relevant not only in reducing fleet costs, but also in continuous improvement and training in the type of driving of our drivers.’



The same responsible also states that:

‘The Stratio modules used by us are Ecodriving for monitoring drivers’ behaviour and driving styles, Operations and the features associated with GPS, as well as Maintenance for monitoring the circulating equipment.’



‘The Stratio Platform assists and standardises information from across the fleet, not only on the performance of our vehicles as well as of the drivers’.


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