Why Stratio

We understand the problems your teams face every single day.

Working together with our customers led us to understand the most frequently experienced problems your teams face on a daily basis, from maintenance and operations to ecodriving.


  • Reduce maintenance costs during the vehicle’s lifetime

  • Lack of visibility over key wear and tear components

  • Lack of ability to run remote diagnostics and troubleshooting

  • Time consuming process to analyse diagnostics

  • Lack of control over regular maintenance plans

  • Good management of spare parts

By using Stratio Platform we are able to discover a possible failure before occurs, plan our maintenance and use our fleet more effectively.’
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Radovan Ředina
Project Manager | Arriva Czech Republic


  • Information fragmented across different platforms

  • Incapability to match driver and vehicle availability with each delivery

  • Difficulty in assessing quickly each driver hours of service

  • Unreliable information to calculate fleet uptime accurately 

  • Difficulty in integrating different software/hardware products

The main goal of our partnership with Stratio is to be able to be even more competitive in a context in which customers increasingly value solutions that allow operations to be remotely controlled.

Julien Da Ponte 
CEO | GSVI – DAF Trucks France


  • Impossibility in implementing a fair driver scoring system

  • Difficulty in giving each driver access to its own driving performance

  • Lack of valid driver’s behavioral information

  • Incoherent fuel consumption data

The ecodriving data we can access with Stratio offers us a level of visibility that we previously did not have, allowing us to make decisions in a much faster and more informed way.

Francisco Viçoso
Ecodriving Manager | Transportes Paulo Duarte

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