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Give Traffic Managers tools to respond more quickly and efficiently to their customers and accept more loads with the same number of services.

Smart Maps

Track and manage your vehicles and assets, all in one place.

Locate vehicles and assets

Locate vehicles and assets

See all your vehicles in real-time as well as your drivers and their remaining available hours of service

See vehicle direction

See vehicle direction

See which vehicle is already heading in the right direction or easily select between two available vehicles nearby based on their direction

Find nearby vehicles

Find nearby vehicles

Click on any of your customers’ locations and see which one of your vehicles is closest to it

Geofencing alerts

Get notifications when your vehicles enter and exit areas defined by you such as customer facilities or prohibited zones

Explore trips

Explore trips

Search and see in detail any trips made by your vehicles and at which exact time they were at a specific location

Calculate routes

Check the distance to any destination and quickly calculate the right price to give your customers an immediate and efficient response

Share vehicle location

Share vehicle location

Send your customers a link where they can see vehicle location and driver’s details

Communicate with drivers

Communicate with drivers

Quickly reach out to your drivers ensuring no communication gets lost

‘With Stratio we are now able to control remotely and in real time maintenance and our operations. Our vision for the future can now be put into practice.’

Pedro Mamede
Purchasing & Maintenance Director | Transportes Paulo Duarte

Drivers Hours of Service

Choose the best driver for each load and prevent HoS violations.

Manage drivers activity

Easily track daily, weekly and bi-weekly HoS of each driver 

Make informed decisions

Quickly understand which drivers have time available for the next service based on their tachograph remaining hours until the next resting period

Fuel and Energy Consumption

Fuel consumption

On internal combustion vehicles, we calculate consumption, idle performance metrics and alerts (according to fleet settings)

Hybrid and EV ready

On hybrid and EV vehicles, we calculate consumption, other relevant metrics and alerts (according to fleet settings)

We chose Stratio’s solution because we believe it will help us to be more productive and continue operating at a time when we have to be more efficient than ever to overcome the crisis.

Armindo Brites
General Manager | Transportes Machado e Brites

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