Data Collection

Stratio’s solutions are a blend of hardware and software. Any solution starts with data collection. 

Stratio Databox connects to your vehicles and is compatible with all brands, models and ages, regardless of the interface used, we have cable options for just about any vehicle on the road.

The quality of the input also defines the output. Stratio Databox is the only equipment using Artificial Intelligence to give you more and better data. That is why it comes fitted in some of the brands you know well.

The partnership with Stratio is part of our strategy for the future by ensuring that we are better prepared to respond to the increased demand from our customers for technological solutions to improve their productivity.

Bruno Oliveira
CEO | One Shop – Ford Trucks Portugal

We’re committed to new solutions for urban transportation. Stratio helps us ensure that we build better and safer vehicles, for a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Román Santos
Aftersales Director | Vectia-CAF Group

‘By using Stratio Platform we are able to discover a possible failure before occurs, plan our maintenance and use our fleet more effectively.’

Arriva CZ

Radovan Ředina
Project Manager | Arriva Czech Republic

Stratio Databox enables the Stratio Platform.

The Stratio Platform takes maintenance to the next level and gives you access to the most efficient ecodriving and operations tools on a single platform. 

Our solutions are custom-built for your fleet type operation



Optimize your operation to get more deliveries and make your business more profitable.


Transport your passengers without disruptions to make your business more profitable.


Keep track of your vehicles in real-time to ensure passengers enjoy a safe trip without delays.
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