All the tools you need to manage your fleet.

Maintenance, Operations and Ecodriving

powered by artificial intelligence.

All you need to manage your fleet.

Maintenance, Operations and Ecodriving, powered by artificial intelligence.


The world’s leading predictive maintenance solution 

Eliminate unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs with the only solution using AI to predict faults in key components.

Truck  |  Bus  |  Coach

Remote Diagnostics

Predictive Maintenance

Automated Maintenance 

Stratio platform allows us to plan repairing and maintenance services better, increasing the uptime of our vehicles thanks to the predictive functionality of Stratio, which is truly valued by our customers.’ 

Pedro Déniz Holtmann
Director | MAN Vehículos Industriales


Smart maps to give you better control of your operation

Give Traffic Managers tools to respond more quickly and efficiently to optimise operations and keep track of vehicles.

Truck  |  Bus  |  Coach

Smart Maps

Drivers Hours of Service

Energy Consumption

Stratio’s product is the only solution on the market that allows the automation of maintenance processes and the remote management of operations on a single platform simultaneously, and this has a major impact on our customers’ daily lives.’ 

Bruno Oliveira
CEO – One Shop | Ford Trucks Portugal


The only intelligent Ecodriving system for multi-brand fleets

Implement the most advanced fuel efficiency system on the market to train your drivers to spend as little fuel as possible on each service.

Truck  |  Bus  |  Coach

Driver Scoring

Vehicle Scoring

Metrics for Coaching Drivers

The ecodriving data we can access with Stratio offers us a level of visibility that we previously did not have, allowing us to make decisions in a much faster and more informed way.’ 

Francisco Viçoso
Ecodriving Director | Transportes Paulo Duarte

Maintenance, Operations and Ecodriving for


Optimize your operation to get more deliveries to make your business more profitable. 


Transport your passengers without disruptions to make your business more profitable.


Keep track of your vehicles in real-time to ensure passengers enjoy a safe trip without delays.

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