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Turning Fleet Maintenance Into an Exact Science
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Stratio Plug
Stratio Plug performs real-time analysis of vehicle sensors, using AI algorithms to detect faults before they happen, allowing vehicle repair to be handled by anticipation, paving the way for the future of automotive maintenance.

Improved Reliability

Prevent mechanical breakdowns by acting on issues before they happen.

Real-time Diagnostics

Continuous mechanical monitoring and optimization for your whole fleet.

Extended Driving

Reduced truck downtime, improved fuel efficiency and lower operational costs.

Stratio Plug
1 Simple Installation
Stratio Plug is quickly and easily installed on the vehicle, immediately connecting all sensors with our platform, and is compatible with any vehicle regardless of age
2 Intelligent Monitoring
Stratio’s platform performs a continuous mechanical analysis, processing the input from all vehicle’s sensors in real-time. Each and every system is monitored for issues, and problems detected before actually happening.
3 Malfunctions Notifications and Solutions
Upon detecting a potential mechanical fault, a notification is issued in real-time, including full details of the error and how to correct it.
4 Better Operations,
Faster Repair
Both fleet management and the service workshop know which vehicle to repair and what exactly they’ll be repairing, before the driver arrives at the facilities.

Less downtime, vehicles on the road quicker.

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upgrade your operations
Reduction in maintenance costs
Increased vehicle lifetime
Improved safety due to the increased reliability
Less vehicle downtime
Mechanical optimization
Increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions
Is maintenance a cost or an investment for you?
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Proprietary Technology

Our technology has garnered European recognition as a reference in the transportation sector.

Patented Technology
Patents for our innovative R&D
European Space Agency
Successful Application of Space Technology to the Transportation Sector
European Commission 
Top 3 in Impact and Innovation for the Transportation Sector

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