Misconceptions about the future of Automotive Maintenance
Learnings from industry front-runners – starting with the five most common misconceptions about leveraging artificial intelligence to automate maintenance.

What is the real cost of Vehicle Downtime
To achieve greater customer satisfaction and solid financial goals, operators need to be able to quantify how much downtime costs. Stratio sheds light into measuring the most challenging calculation impacting truck and bus operators worldwide.
8 Lessons we learned on building a Machine Learning Platform
When talking with large organizations in the automotive industry a recurring and fair question turns up: what’s stopping us from building our own machine learning platform?


Model performance evaluation for Vehicle Anomaly and fault Detection
To understand how we assess model performance quality we need to introduce the metrics True Positive Rate (TPR) and FFPR (False Positive Rate).

Technical Articles

Software Quality Assurance
En este artículo nuestro Software Quality Assurance Engineer explica el papel crucial de gestión de cualidad en el software en Stratio.

Stratio Software Journey
Desde el inicio que la visión de Stratio es de construir un futuro sin paradas forzadas. Cómo se imagina, eso no es una tarea fácil.

Stratio – AI Cortex. A self-supervised deep learning framework for anomaly detection in time-series
We, at Stratio, are working on a scalable framework to quickly deploy anomaly detection models for vehicle prognostics.
8 things I hate about hardware
The Head of Hardware Development and Embedded systems at Stratio shares with you the most common topics hardware engineers have to deal with in the path of bringing great products to life.

Stratio-AI Framework: a new Stratio Machine Learning approach
Introducing a complete machine learning framework that intends to break down the traditional monolithic end-to-end machine learning development into a distributed, modular, and scalable approach.

Opinion articles

The importance of building a zero downtime future
One might think vehicle reliability is rapidly improving. Unfortunately, little could be further from the truth.

Trucking Companies fight to overcome the biggest crisis of our lifetime
The coronavirus crisis is a story with an uncertain ending. What is clear by now is that the human impact is already tragic and that the economic impact will severely affect the industry.


Customer Success in challenging times
During these last two months at Stratio, we have noticed interesting trends in the behavior of our customers.
Stratio’s Progression Framework
What Stratio did to create a framework where we could look into progression and culture.