Stratio for Operators

Predictable operations with reduced total cost of ownership

Stratio for Operators

Stratio collects and extracts insights from your vehicle's data in real-time, communicating failures before they happen.
Early fault detection enables decreased vehicle downtime, and operational predictability for your business.
Real-time monitoring of the remaining useful life of parts and systems, helps operators to prioritize repairs and anticipate breakdowns, making data-backed decisions that reduce repair and maintenance costs.

Our Technology

Acquire 1

High-density vehicle data acquisition

- Stratio.Databox is installed in the vehicle, collecting and securely streaming in real-time millions of data points from batteries, engine, transmission, gearbox, braking system, suspension, HVAC, doors, and other available systems in the vehicle.

Analyze 2

Predictive analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence

- Incoming data is continuously analyzed by Stratio’s proprietary machine learning algorithms, and according to fault detection rules created by automotive engineers.

- Detection algorithms continuously learn from new incoming data and extracted insights, adapting and enhancing results for each unique client and operation.

- Faults and anomalies in the vehicles’ condition and performance are automatically identified in real-time.

Alert 3

Alerts and insights in your hands in real-time

- Actionable notifications with alerts, faults and insights are displayed on a web interface, no client installation required, and additionally via email and/or SMS.

- Alerts include the relevant signals and variables associated with the fault, for an accelerated root cause analysis.



Stratio.DataBox is an automotive-grade equipment capable of collecting and securely streaming in real-time high-density vehicle data.

With a capacity to collect and stream over 2 millions of vehicle data points, per vehicle/day in real-time, Stratio.Databox granular data is the groundwork for Stratio’s predictive intelligence.
Stratio.Databox can be integrated as a factory-fit product by manufacturers at the end of the vehicle pre-production phase, or retrofitted in existing vehicles. It is compatible with all commercial vehicle communication technologies and with any type of vehicle - diesel, electric, hybrid, GNV, and others.


Advantages and applications

Predictable operations with reduced TCO

Early fault detection enabling decreased vehicle downtime and operational predictability

Real-time monitoring of the remaining useful life of parts and systems, reducing repair and maintenance costs


Analyzed vehicle data points

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