Stratio for Manufacturers

Vehicle data transformed into predictive intelligence, delivering superior business value.

Stratio For Manufacturers

Stratio proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms analyze hundreds to thousands of vehicle sensor data points and variables in real-time, supporting your engineering teams to detect and predict more faults and perfomance issues and to empower and accelerate root cause analysis with critical insight, saving time and Money.
Stratio enables manufacturers to add values to their products, retrieving intelligence from data, preventing recurring faults, reducing warranty costs, and selling maintenance and repair services proactively.

Our Technology

Acquire 1

High-density vehicle data acquisition

- Stratio.Databox is installed in the vehicle, collecting and securely streaming in real-time millions of data points from batteries, engine, transmission, gearbox, braking system, suspension, HVAC, doors, and other available systems in the vehicle.

- The Stratio platform is also compatible with pre-existing data collection systems if a) the data collected has the necessary high density and granularity b) streaming of the data is performed in real-time.

Analyze 2

Predictive analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence

- Incoming data is continuously analyzed by Stratio’s proprietary machine learning algorithms, and according to fault detection rules created by automotive engineers.

- Detection algorithms continuously learn from new incoming data and extracted insights, adapting and enhancing results for each unique client and operation.

- Faults and anomalies in the vehicles’ condition and performance are automatically identified in real-time.

Alert 3

Alerts and insights in your hands in real-time

- Actionable notifications with alerts, faults and insights are displayed on a web interface, no client installation required, and additionally via email and/or SMS.

- Alerts include the relevant signals and variables associated with the fault, for an accelerated root cause analysis.



Stratio.DataBox is an automotive-grade equipment capable of collecting and securely streaming in real-time high-density vehicle data.

With a capacity to collect and stream over 2 millions of vehicle data points, per vehicle/day in real-time, Stratio.Databox granular data is the groundwork for Stratio’s predictive intelligence.
Stratio.Databox can be integrated as a factory-fit product by manufacturers at the end of the vehicle pre-production phase, or retrofitted in existing vehicles. It is compatible with all commercial vehicle communication technologies and with any type of vehicle - diesel, electric, hybrid, GNV, and others.

Advantages and applications

Detect and predict more faults and performance issues in your vehicles, using Stratio AI

Reduce warranty costs by measuring the end-user impact on vehicle condition

Accelerate root cause analysis, saving time and money

Sell your maintenance and repair services proactively


Analyzed vehicle data points

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