Vehicle data transformed into predictive intelligence, delivering superior business value.


Stratio specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Automotive Engineering, enabling early fault detection and unparalleled insight into vehicles’ health, systems condition and performance.

We are on the road with you. Unknowingly you have already seen vehicles powered by our technology, every time you drive.

Our predictive technology is paving the way for the vehicles of tomorrow.

Top-tier talent

Experience matters. Stratio automotive engineers have decades of field experience translating data into fault identification, and our data scientists are PhDs in Artificial Intelligence.

Flexible and agile

Our rapid iteration development methodologies and dedication to meet your goals, means we can quickly adapt to changing business and market requirements, providing you an unsurpassable service.

Proprietary, ground-breaking technology

Built from the ground up as a data science company, and inspired by the engineering and maintenance practices of the space sector, our cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology positions Stratio with a future-proof solution offering unsurpassed scalability and fault detection accuracy.

Hands-on expertise

We get our hands dirty by going into the field and work along with experts in different customer teams. This firsthand knowledge empowers us to build a product and AI models that trully work for your data and your business.

Leveraged by multidisciplinary teams

Our teams have a strong background in automotive engineering, and add to that different professional backgrounds in different areas of expertise, from aerospace to physics.


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Proprietary Technology

Our technology has garnered European recognition as a reference in the transportation sector.

Patented Technology

Patents for our innovative R&D

European Space Agency

Successful Application of Space Technology to the Transportation Sector

European Commission

Top 3 in Impact and Innovation for the Transportation Sector


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